“Brian has brilliantly achieved in what I believed to be the impossible task of enticing me into fitness after 45 years of my life of no-fitness. He made it with commitment, friendship, availability, flexibility, always a smile and a joke and with the ability of tailoring his expectations to my capability. Now thanks to him, I can say I have become a runner, I have started exercising almost every day and I definitely feel better and fitter. Game changer!”


“Brian has a positive attitude and encouraging personality. He keeps me motivated as he changes up my workouts and keeps it challenging! He sincerely cares about his clients’ health and is a great personal trainer. I came to Brian after consistently working out at a gym and hitting a plateau. I saw results after working out with him for just a short time. I look forward to my workouts with Brian!”


“Brian is an amazing trainer as well as a great person. He is flexible when it comes to my crazy work schedule and always does his best to fit me in. At every session, he pushes me harder towards my goals and expects a lot from me which keeps me goal-oriented and motivated!”


“I’ve been training with Brian for 5 years. In that time I’ve achieved and surpassed fitness goals I never thought possible. I am running faster and lifting heavier in my 40s than I was in my 20s. Brian is exceptionally adept at motivating me past mental blocks, allowing me to work harder and lift stronger. He strikes a great balance between volume and intensity of training to get the most out of each workout. I have not had any overuse injuries, something I worry about as a tall person, thanks to Brian ensuring proper form and safe technique. He has been great at accommodating my busy schedule. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness or wanting to take their current training to a higher level.”


“I cannot say enough things about Brian. He is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have learned so much about my body and completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Brian challenges you but makes it fun and switches it up every session. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say Brian is one of the best!”


“While I’ve worked out with a personal trainer for years, moving to virtual sessions was a brand new experience. However, it has been incredibly successful, thanks to Brian. We have met 3 times every week since March, 2020, and I am as strong as I have every been. Brian creates a different challenging workout every time we meet. He remembers what size weights are correct for me, when I need to modify exercises, and when I can push through a tough set. His enthusiasm for training is constant, and together we manage to pack an impressive workout into each meeting. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”


“I am an 81 year old woman. Brian Castellucci has been my personal trainer for almost a year. We train for an hour 3 times a week. Brian has had an excellent education in his profession and has gained experience through a number of years in practice. I have complete confidence in his ability. Brian shines, not only in his training skills, but in his warm, friendly, spontaneous personality. He makes the hour of ‘misery’ almost fun! Like an old used car, I am a ‘battered old lady.’ You can’t make the old car like a brand new one, but with care and regular maintenance you can keep it running and maybe even make it run a tiny bit better. That is our goal with my training: save what’s left of my body, and maybe even make my balance and posture a bit better. Brian gives me encouragement and I feel better about myself – I am not yet ready for the ‘junkyard!'”


“I had always been intimidated by personal trainers, but got used to working with Brian in group fitness classes and decided to try personal training with him to up my fitness game.  Best decision I ever made! Brian’s tough but ultimately he’s a cheerleader, and he knows exactly how to push me through a challenging workout when my mind feels like it wants to quit.  He’s helped me work around all sorts of injuries, including a sprained ankle, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a frozen shoulder.  I have been really happy to continue working with him via virtual training – even though my home equipment is limited, he can put together workouts that are still super challenging and fun. I’m in better shape now than I was 30 years ago, all thanks to Brian’s terrific training!”


“Brian’s patience, knowledge and encouragement helped me accomplish exercise goals I never imagined were possible. The impact of his training has extended far beyond the gym, helping me approach difficult tasks with an ‘I can!’ attitude.”


“When I started working out with Brian, my goal was to do one (1!) pullup. Last week I did five sets of five. At 62, I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. As a trainer, Brian is tuned in to my goals, my strengths and weaknesses, and my capacity on any particular day.”


“In four short weeks, I have shed ten pounds, noticed a boost in my mood, and my diet has greatly improved. I’m very grateful to Brian for helping me get in shape and changing my lifestyle for the better.”


“Brian, I am dying but so happy! Thank you so much. You are really good at what you do.”


“When I think about a trainer that will be supportive, caring and help guide you to achieve your goals, there is one name that comes to mind: Brian. I’ve known Brian for years and recently reconnected to focus on strength training and building muscle. He is a trainer that will push me past the invisible limits that I’ve unconsciously set for myself. He is able to encourage you to keep going and find that inner strength and will power you didn’t think you had in you. You will not only see the results but feel the change in your body and mind. He helps you connect the dots that will lead to a lifestyle of wellness.”

-Stacey S.

“I TOTALLY agree with Stacey. I’ve moved from MA but I’ve kept up with all the exercises and training Brian taught me for 2 years. When I left I could do one pull up…. Now I’m up to 6 and I’m his father’s age! Thank you Brian!! You are a great teacher and trainer and now I’m helping my wife with her strength training!”


“After two years of canceled activities and covid restrictions, my son had very little movement in his days and I was concerned about the trajectory he might be on, especially recognizing the emerging teen mental health crisis and the positive role physical activity can play in mental wellbeing. So when he expressed interest in weightlifting, I decided I should do what I could to give it a shot and a friend pointed me to Coach Brian.  The experience has been everything I’ve hoped for. My son is being taught proper technique but also being pushed. I thought he would ask to quit when it got hard (which is basically every workout!), given how unaccustomed he had become to exercise, but actually he has only become more interested in weightlifting and has told me he feels much more comfortable with his body.  He is really proud of his increasing strength and I love that he is on the move once again! So glad I reached out to BC Fitness for help.”

-Mother of Teenage Client

“I like training with BC Fitness because its a way for me to get exercise and to feel stronger. Coach Brian is really nice and offers help frequently to make sure I always have the correct form and push through challenges.”

-13 Year Old Client

“I’m in my late fifties, and had trouble getting back into shape. I signed up for twice a week workouts through BC Fitness and it has made a huge difference. At this point I am in much better shape – more flexible, better cardiovascular, and definitely have a much stronger core. Brian sets an aggressive workout pace and holds me accountable across a range of exercises. I always get a terrific workout, and in just over a year I have made absolutely terrific progress. I look forward to my workout every time.”