BCFitness, founded by Brian Castellucci, specializes in Strength Training, Functional Movements, Boxing, Long Distance Running, Flexibility, Endurance and Sport Specific Training, High School and Collegiate Athletes, ranging in ages 6 years and up.

One on One Training: These are more individualized with programs specifically structured for each individual’s needs by improving your body’s weaknesses as well as improving and making positive growth toward your goals.

Partner and Group Training: These are more of a generalized approached. The primary goal is overall fitness with adding strength training, cardiovascular work and abdominal work. Partner and Group trainings are usually a faster pace with an energetic atmosphere.

Virtual Training: During uncertain times and social distancing guidelines, virtual training has become even more popular. BCFitness will develop a plan, motivate and instruct via Zoom to help meet your fitness goals in the comfort of your own homes.

Nutrition Planning: Exercise is only one facet of a healthy lifestyle. BCFitness will help you make good choices when preparing your meals so you can have more energy throughout the day and give your body what it needs. Sometimes all you need is little instruction and accountability. Let BCFitness design a total fitness plan that will help you reach your goals while helping you stay accountable. Nutrition planning options include a virtual consultation and monthly nutrition plan.

Massage Therapy: Offered at our BCF Studios location in South Boston. Book your sessions by emailing Mason at mason@bcfitness.fit or contacting Brian.

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BCF Studios – Southie
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